Insulation Is the Best Defense Against High Heating Bills

Saving thousands of dollars over time is no exaggeration about the effects of adequate insulation in homes and buildings. Insulation creates a buffer against the transfer of heat. Heat is one of the most powerful forces in the universe and it’s always moving from hot to cold.

In the summer, heat wants to move into cooler spaces, like your home. In the winter, the process reverses and it escapes into the outdoors where it’s cooler. It takes a great deal of energy to stop heat from moving to cooler temperatures, but insulation thwarts it.
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The Advantages that Spray Foam Insulation Provides Homeowners

It is common for many different types of houses to not have good insulation. This will result in a home that does not have an air seal and is not able to stop drafts as well as avoid high energy bills. One of the best ways to make certain a house has adequate insulation is with spray foam insulation. This does require an investment that most homeowners are able to recoup within five years or less from just energy savings.
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