The Advantages that Spray Foam Insulation Provides Homeowners

It is common for many different types of houses to not have good insulation. This will result in a home that does not have an air seal and is not able to stop drafts as well as avoid high energy bills. One of the best ways to make certain a house has adequate insulation is with spray foam insulation. This does require an investment that most homeowners are able to recoup within five years or less from just energy savings.

Spray Foam Insulation

This material is created by combining two composite materials: Isocyanate and polyurethane. Once these materials are combined, a chemical reaction occurs. The substance created will expand and harden. When this is used to provide insulation, the materials are sprayed together at the same time from the end of a spray foam gun. This makes it possible for the combined substance to form a protective insulation within a designated area.

Air Tight

One of the main reasons a homeowner may be getting high energy bills is because of air leaks in their house. With many homes, there could be cracks or holes located in a crawlspace or attic. These can be thoroughly sealed when spray foam insulation is properly applied. It is able to create an airtight seal in these places and other areas of a house. When compared to other forms of insulation, spray foam insulation is over 23 times less permeable when it comes to letting air get into a home.

Long Lasting

Spray foam insulation contains a unique inert polymer. This enables it to last indefinitely. A homeowner could enjoy the advantages of proper insulation for many years. They will save money during the entire time they own their home.

Roof Protection

When spray foam insulation is applied to a home’s attic, the underside of the roof will have an added layer of protection. This will increase the roof’s ability to endure whatever the weather is outside. It has been proven that when a roof has spray foam insulation applied to it, the lifespan of the roof is over 30 years or longer.


Spray foam insulation can also protect a home from water damage and moisture. Spray foam insulation is water resistant. The inert polymer used with it provides nothing for bacteria or mold to consume. This insulation provides increased protection against the formation of mildew or mold. Should a house experience flooding, the spray foam insulation will not absorb water like other materials found in a home.


When people are considering having spray foam insulation in their home, they often ask how it affects the environment. It is a very eco-friendly material. Spray foam insulation is created by using fewer materials than other types of insulation. It’s ability to decrease the energy consumption can make any house into a home that is good for the environment.

Humidity Levels

When spray foam insulation is used with effective AC equipment, a homeowner will be able to maintain proper humidity levels. Other types of insulation are not as effective. This is because there will always be a chance for hot and cold air meeting and creating moisture. Spray foam insulation is able to make certain the hot and cold air within a home do not come into contact with one another. The formation of moisture can be avoided.

Even Temperatures

It is possible for some homes to have rooms that are hotter or colder than others, depending on the season. This can be eliminated when spray foam insulation is used in a house. This is possible because the spray foam is extremely resistant to heat gains. This prevents radiant heat from going through walls. It also provides an air barrier. These two things make it possible for a house to have a consistent temperature throughout it.

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